Businesses within iGaming

Do you know, that there are quite literally tens of different options to choose from, if you’d like to start an business within the iGaming scene, without being a professional player yourself? Ok, we understand that iGaming markets are highly competitive and you’d probably need  A LOT of resources in order to create businesses that actually would have chance to succeed in the future. Not all great business ideas requires a lot of seed funds, so you might be able to pull off a miracle with just few hundred bucks. If that’s not worth trying, what is?


Being an affiliate


First thing that comes to our mind when talking about iGaming businesses that has a low costs to start up, is obviously an affiliate business. Being an affiliate is basically guiding customers to online casinos webpages and receiving compensation for it. This compensation will usually be paid based on what the player is losing on the casino (or sportsbook), so the more player you get to sign through your channels (webpage, social media, etc.), the better. Don’t be fooled by the system, since not everything is so black and white. There might also be opportunities for you to negotiate a deal where you earn a set amount of dollars from each new sign up.




If you have some experience from iGaming, or from SEO in general, you’d be able to work as an consultant for various different sectors within the market. SEO specialists, customer support, sportsbook, game dev, the options are endless. Of course this business needs a bit of experience to get started with, but it’s something that you’ve already paid a long time ago when you learned all the things you now possess.

To get started, you’re single most important thing to have is an network. The more people you know from the industry, the better. Make sure you put those connections into good use. Remember, people aren’t here just to serve you, so make sure you return those favours you’re asking from others. This will also be a huge sign of trust if you do it to people without them asking it first.


Keep on going


Never quit. Just push forward and always try to find an edge. Sites like are good places to start, as from there you’ll see how other people are doing their work. You can browse the casinos you’ll see listed on the site and see if they are hiring consultants for example. Be persistent and you’ll find yourself in a position you didn’t think was even possible. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. That’s a quote by Wayne Gretzky and Michael Scott. If you know, you know.