How To Make A Rummy Game Interesting With Unwanted Cards?

Rummy is a game full of interesting moves, fast decision making, and using the cards to your advantage. All the cards you possess and even the ones that once proved to be unwanted can be used astutely to make your game strong. All you have to do is learn how to use them in the best way.

What most players do wrong while playing Rummy game is that they try to discard all of their high-value cards within the first few rounds. However, to dupe your opponents, you could keep them in your possession and get rid of them after a few initial rounds.

 When the opponents throw in their cards, you could form your sequence from the stack of unwanted cards, if you haven’t already. Keep a close eye on your opponent, and if you find them using similar strategies, quickly change your game.Pay close attention to the cards your opponent is discarding and try not to give away cards that might lead him to form the desired sequence.

Another trick is called the “art of bluffing” in Rummy game. It can be done by diverting the attention of your opponents by using the high-value cards. Making the other players think that you are about to win; however, in reality, you are only duping them by simultaneously dropping off the low-value cards. This will confuse the other players regarding what your next move is.

Sometimes it is a smart decision to pick up cards from the discarded pile, that are of no utility to you. Doing this will puzzle the minds of your opponents. This may sound petty to a few; however, in the broader perspective, it is a brilliant strategy.

The most efficient way to dupe one’s opponents is a skill that can only be attained with practice. It is that art that requires great ability to read the minds of your opponents. Observe their patterns and trick them in their ways.

Being unpredictable is the key to this game as a predictable pattern, and similar moves may put your opponents at a vantage point. They will easily know your next move. Your naive behaviour and a hallmark strategy may make you lose the game. If the opponent has recognized your pattern, they will not discard the cards that you may need.


Mentioned above are a few tips one can think of while playing Rummy game. Try to trick and bluff your opponents with these strategies as all Rummy players are very calculative.

It does not matter which cards a player has received, but how he uses them, as both low and high value cards have their advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on how the player converts each card into an asset or a liability for himself/herself.

Planning strategically, making calculative moves, observing your opponents, knowing their gameplay are a few tips that come in handy while playing Rummy. Practice employing the above mentioned tricks with unwanted cards and soon you’ll become a pro in the game.