The Famous Deceivers of the Gambling World Having Remarkable Skills

 A recreation, an addiction, a source of entertainment and what not is gambling. By each passing day, more people whether they are enough literate or illiterate are choosing the path of betting or gambling. This has made it a billion dollar industry. In India, we have come across many cases regarding sports betting.

The makers are seeing the profit in this gambling business, so they are expanding it more and more. There are now facilities of online gambling like that of betufa or pokers which are taking the market by storm. But the history of gambling takes us back to the Paleolithic period. There are many famous gamblers who have made their presence important in the gambling world.

Some of the most famous wagers who deceived everyone with the skills they possessed are:

  • Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo

A person who left his profession and become the best in roulette by using this knowledge and skill. He used the bias wheel (a strategy on how to generate more numbers by the wheel) always to win the game.

  • Ida Summers

A very beautiful woman with an enticing personality known as “The Vegas Vixen” was the only woman who was able to deceive the casinos with her skills. All she did was switching the cards without anyone noticing.

  • Louis Colavecchio

A man known by the name of “The coin” due to the tricks he performed with slot machines to earn a profit. He was a talented inventor who used his skills in making the slot machines coin. It was nearly impossible to find the difference between the original and the fake coin.

  • Edward Thorp

A math’s professor expert in probability made the first ever card counting technique. He had the knowledge of both physics and math’s making him a genius of card counting.

Not only he became a gambler but also an author who wrote a book called “Beat the dealer” which was all about the Blackjack in the year 1962.

Rather than these experts, there was MIT Blackjack team, Richard Marcus, John Montagu (famous from the 1800s), James Butler Hickok (the year 1876) and many more.

Even in the old era and the current era men are into gambling more as compared to women.