Why You Need the Best Options for DNB Bets

Draw No Bet is a good option for those who want to protect themselves from a draw. In this post we will learn how it works, how to break it up and how to do it manually in 3 situations: DNB manual punter, DNB cashout manual; Automatic DNB Cashout.

Goals Assured

Assuming a goal is in favor and we want to cashout, then let’s assume the odds after that goal are in Win 1.25 Draw 4.75 Defeat 10.00

Cashout is nothing more than an automatic form of a counter bet. When you make a cashout, you are betting on the opposite result from the one you initially bet, with amounts counted so that any result will make you the same profit, so the cashout is paid on time and is a guarantee of return no matter what happens in the game.

DNB is a bet that divides the stake in two: part in the win and part in the draw. To know when to bet on each market is simple: first we bet on the draw, just divide the stake by the odd of the draw, so the result will be his stake, because if we draw, we will win exactly the total amount we will have bet on this game, so The money will be returned, as per the DNB rule. What is left of this account, we bet entirely on victory, that will be the profit.

How to make DNB Manual

  • If we have 100 dollars of stake, just divide 100 by the odd of the draw. Being the odd of 3.20, the value is $ 31.25. So we bet $ 31.25 on odd 3.20 of the draw.
  • What is left of the total stake, in this case 68.75, we bet on the win of odd 2.10.

Note that if we hit the bet, we will win 144.37, so the real DNB odd is 1.44 for this type of bet. At Rivalo, the DNB for this game is 1.57, higher than the manual DNB. So it will always pay to bet on the conventional. This is because the house juice for this bet is 7.5%, lower than the 1 × 2 ( ? ) Market.

This is for homes that do not have DNB, or for homes that do not have automatic cashout. Remember also that the juice of the house will always be lower in markets of two selections (Over / Under, AM yes / no, etc). Generally, the greater the number of options in a market, the greater this house juice will be and the more disadvantage you will be taking in those markets although this does not happen often.

How to cashout manually

To “play it”, just think of the two bets we made, the draw with stake $ 31.25 and the second in the win with stake $ 68.25. Remember that every manual cashout in any market is necessary to have funds in mind, obviously and know more about 검증 사이트 .