Bluffing in Poker Games

Bluffing in poker games is a big no-no. So many people are trained to expect every bluff. The fact is that in poker, being a gambler does not mean that you are automatically out of the game or automatically destined to lose. In fact, you could very well be in a situation where a lucky draw could give you an advantage, and you could be bringing in your money! Bluffing is a skill, so you can learn how to bluff poker and win games.

Bluffing is simply when you bet when you are ahead and raise when you are behind. In poker, you can easily become a good gambler if you apply this poker strategy. You don’t have to look too far to find this kind of player, as the majority of players do tend to over-extend. Over-extending is betting more than you should and only doing so just to get a better hand. Another problem with over-extending is that you are risking losing more chips than you should. If you can’t learn to limit your bets, then learning to bluff will help.

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Bluffing in poker games means applying a very limited number of poker strategies and then waiting for the chips to come rolling in. Some of the best bluffing strategies are to fold more often and then bluff more than your opponents. In other words, it’s best to play tight when you are ahead but bluff and put the pot on the line when you are behind. In every situation, you have to be smart about when to bluff. You can’t bluff in every situation, so you have to choose the right times and limit your bluffs. Another great poker bluffing strategy is to bluff when your opponent folds his hand and then bluff when he raises. Playing a loose aggressive game where everyone has a full house can also cause bluffs.