Casino Workers will Be among the First to Vaccinate in Las Vegas

All countries are struggling to work out how to leave behind the mess that has been caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The roll-out of the vaccination programme will help us get back to normal, but it will take time. To save economies around the world, there must be a wide range of establishments kept open. It is hard to decide who should be top of the list to have their staff vaccinated and therefore protected. Some states or cities will depend mainly on a specific business area, and for Las Vegas in Nevada, it is Sizzling Hot gambling and associated trades. 

It is estimated that a quarter of all employers are based in the hospitality sector. That is why they have decided that to get back to at least the new normal, casino workers will be among the first to be provided with the vaccine. State officials have announced that casino workers will not be the only people to get vaccinated as they will still be giving teachers, airport staff, and people in the food trade priority.

Reasons Behind These Actions

It is happening because of the desire to convince would-be visitors to Las Vegas that they will be safe while they are there. It is also important to convince the rest of the Las Vegas inhabitants that they target the correct workers and not leave other vulnerable workers without protection. It is not going to be easy to do and make sure the right people are reached; there is a criterion to follow. Effectively it will be spending a lot of their working day in the presence of none co-workers.

The hope is that this process will make Las Vegas seem to be a safer place to visit, and holidaymakers will choose there over other destinations. It will be a much needed shot in the arm to speak, as Nevada has found itself suffering from high unemployment. The lack of visitors recently has taken a toll on the cities’ finances as the low numbers of people coming through the area have prevented the businesses from opening up to customers again fully. 

Going forward

If Las Vegas sees the end of 2021, providing them with the same number of visitors they had in 2020, the future will not be too promising. There is now the hope that there could be more casinos opening, but what about the clientele? Will there be a need for them to have been vaccinated? It could be tempting not to insist on it as it will bar people from holidaying there.

So far, there is not a timescale on opening again. It is hoped that the shot will be taken, but there is no data to say if the majority of essential workers are going to take up the offer. Only time will tell, but now there is hope for the future in Las Vegas.