Casino – The skills  to help you maximize the advantage of Ace in Mau Binh

Owning an Ace is always one of the things that Mau Binh players very like in every confrontation when strong syndicates meet, having Ace against the opponent will help you win. So what to do when owning Ace. Please refer to the article below!

Ace piece odd

Owning odd Ace cards in your combinations means that you have the ability to create a strong combination of cards. Of course, only an odd A is not the strongest when the probability of other players holding an A is relatively high and it also depends on their second strongest card in the combination. However, having A is better than having none.

The player needs to determine the combinations that are on the card, for example, if it is possible to form a bucket and a straight, but if a straight appears A, it should prioritize the formation of straight-A because it can be the strongest straight on the table. Of course, if it is a pair of Ace, it is better.

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An odd piece A is also used to form the strongest bid for group 3. Even in the case of a Cù/Thùng/Sảnh dispersion, Ace can also be ranked at group 2 to get the strongest bid. 

The optimal way for an odd A will usually focus on helping you get the strongest combination for group 1, then prioritize A for group 3, and then proceed to group 2.

2 Piece Aces

Having 2 Ace’s in your hand, you have a huge advantage when you can beat the opponent’s group 3. If the cards are not too good, it is reasonable to place 2 A’s in 3rd position to avoid collapsing the village. However, while the Mau Binh game is quite good, you can also form the “thùng” and the “sảnh” which have the first card is Ace. For Cu, you should not put pair Ace in the pair to avoid wastage, unless there is no other way. The capital is already large, it is not necessary to let A enter.

In the case of having 2 Aces that are not related to the “thùng” and the “sảnh”, then putting 2 Aces on group 3 is the most accurate.

3 Piece Aces

The case of creating a failed Cu and Sam is here. These are the two situations that you should consider first when forming associations. Obviously, Sám is the certainty that you get. If the Mau Binh is good, it is possible to form a very strong and bold 3 Aces. However, this situation can be very difficult to happen.

Some players, even splitting 3 Aces for all 3 groups, involve creating a Strong Barrel that combines pieces followed by K. VD AK1087 diamonds, which is a strong “thùng”. Or create a “sảnh” includes A 2 3 4 5, which is also a good “sảnh”, of course it is still weaker than “sảnh” 10 JQKA and finally an A that creates a bid for group 3. This is a good attack and the chance to win 1, 2 is extremely high.

Depending on the situation in your hand, there are many ways to customize the A piece to create a significant advantage, at the very least, you will form an unbeaten Sam at group 2.

4 Piece Aces

This is a special case and the only way is to create an unbeaten Quadruple position right away group 1. In this case, you have gained boldly from the first group without having to worry about the hind groups. “Thùng phá sảnh” is very rare. It still needs luck when there is a% loss, but 95% of cases you have quarter A to win.

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