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First, when we want to participate in something, especially online games, we need to know what it is. So what is Keno?

Keno is a modern and well-known game, especially at This Keno game is played with numbers given from a total of 80 numbers, 20 of which are randomly chosen by the dealer.

When you play Keno you can choose anywhere from a single number, up to 40 numbers on a single Keno card.

This game is now updated by many bookmakers and casinos around the world with amazing prizes. The numbers are drawn from the round Plexiglas and are seen on Keno boards throughout the house. Some of the Ping – Pong balls also went away, replaced by computers using a random number generation system.

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Currently Keno has an online version on so you can experience this game wherever you are. Keno online will have standard Keno and Keno videos. Generally playing online Keno is not much different from the traditional type of Keno we often play.

How to play Keno

How to play Keno is very simple anyone can play. Keno you want to win as long as you know how to bet.

Basic play:

Choose from 1 to 10 numbers in the range from 01 to 80 to enter the prize. You select the card using a black pencil on the card the numbers you want to choose to participate in the prize in the form of a buffet.

You can buy a ticket to participate in the prize once and you can buy multiple tickets to participate in the prize-winning many times. The dealer will draw 20 random numbers out of the numbers from 1 to 80. You will have to trace these 20 numbers compared to the 10 numbers you have chosen.

How to play fainting

Fortune means that in the 20 drawn numbers, up to 13 numbers become between 41 and 80.

Under 6 numbers drawn, up to 13 numbers fall between 1 and 40.

How to play parity

Even – there are 13 or 14 numbers out of 20 numbers are even. Odd – 13 or 14 numbers out of 20 are l.

How to play details:

After a look at the basic gameplay, let’s find out the details of the betting ways!

Betting bets

If you get a score greater than 810 as Big and have a odds of

1.95. If less than 810 is Slag and odds are 1.95. If equal to 810, it is a tie and the odds are 108.

Parity betting

Even or odd depends on the final number of the total points from 20 drawn. If the sum is odd and the odds are 1.95. If the sum is even and the odds are 1.95.

Bet on odd / even numbers / even numbers

If the total of 20 numbers randomly drawn from the system has more than 10 numbers with odd numbers, you bet the odd and the odd numbers will win with the odds of 2.3.

If the total of 20 numbers randomly drawn from the system has more than 10 even numbers, you bet on even numbers to win at odds of 2.3.

If there are exactly 10 even numbers, the 10 odd numbers you bet against will win at 4.3

Odd / Even odd / even / even bets

The winning or odd bet wins when you predict that the total number of the 20 randomly drawn numbers is greater than 810 points and the last number of these odd numbers. Like Odd / Even, Over / Even, Odd / Even with odds of 3.7.

Bet on / draw / under

If the total of 20 drawn numbers is more than 10 numbers between 1 and 40, the odds are 2.3.

If the total of 20 drawn numbers has more than 10 numbers between 41 and 80 are under and odds of 2.3.

Exactly 10 numbers between 1 and 40 and 10 numbers between 41 and 80 are tie with

odds of 4.3.

Bet on five elements Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa and Tho

This method is based on the prediction that the total number of points of 20 numbers drawn by the system randomly belongs to 1 number range and 5 number of betting places, in which:

210 – 695 Kim with odds of 9.2.

696 – 763 Moc with a ratio of 4.6.

764 – 855 Thuy with a ratio of 2.4.

856 – 923 Fire at a rate of 4.6.

924 – 1410 Earth with 9.2.

Ngoc Cau betting

If you want to bet on Ngoc Cau, you will have to choose from 1 to 5 numbers between 1 and 80.

You can see the appeal of Keno through the sharing of Keno has truly won the hearts of the Vietnamese people in the age of 4.0 technology.