Playing Online Rummy | Desktop Vs Mobile

Online card games are quite the rage these days. Players want to battle it out and be the masters of their craft with every game they play. What’s more, is that there are exciting cash prizes to be won that simply increase the fun and excitement players experience. One question that plagues players today is the platform to play their games on. Should they choose the small screen of a mobile or the immobile computer to play their online Rummy games?

While both mediums have their merits and demerits, it’s about what serves your purpose better. However, mobile gaming has seen a significant rise over the years because of the ease it provides. Let us take a look at what both platforms offer and how they differ from one another.

Getting The Game

There are two ways to get the game on your desktop. Firstly, you can download the software into the computer, set it up and use it as and when you please. The other, more ‘fly’ option is to simply play the game online in your browser. That way you don’t have to download the game at all and go straight to enjoying it whenever you please.

On the mobile, however, you have to download the application for playing online rummy, and then you can play the game anywhere you want, on the go. You just need to search for a rummy game download and install it. Many players argue against downloading an application and playing it in their mobile web browser ala the computer. But we highly caution against it, as web browsers are not meant for that kind of heavy usage and an application is the best way to experience a game. It keeps all your scores and other related things all in one place and is generally easier to access.


The single biggest detriment desktop has compared to mobile is its immobility. You cannot take your desktop with you. There is some benefit in the use of a laptop as you can move it around with you. But even a laptop doesn’t provide the comfort of a mobile phone.

Playing online games on your mobile is a truly relaxing experience as you can do it wherever you please. You can play games lying in your bed, sitting on the sofa, traveling in public transports, during your office breaks and so on. It also serves as a psychological relief to have your game in your pocket as you are on the go.

People can now take their favorite Rummy games with them on vacations just as they would take a book. You know you always have something to engage with and pass your time should you get stuck in a long commute or a long day at the office. And that aspect has certainly played a huge part in mobile games’ popularity over desktops.

The Wide Screen Fun

Now if we talk about the detriments of mobile gaming and the biggest edge desktops have over them: it is the huge screens of the desktops compared to the tiny ones of the mobiles. No matter how big your mobile’s screen is, it is still monumentally smaller than a desktop. Players note that they have a great visual experience when playing on a desktop, and it has proved to be alluring, especially for beginners. 

Desktops are in fact recommended to beginner players as the widescreen helps them take in the game better and make more dynamic plans. Cards are bigger and the table is bigger and you can see the avatars of the players who join. All in all, an all-around wholesome experience that players enjoy. That is not to say you cannot begin with mobile versions. They work perfectly fine in helping you understand the game. It is a matter of choice for the player. 


An important aspect to consider if you are going to engage with an online platform for such long periods of time is your security. It becomes doubly important when money transfers are involved. When you enter paid games, you are going to pay and receive money in it. 

Desktop games tend to have ads that hover on places you are likely to click. These are risky little things that collect your personal information. An ad blocker is one way to get rid of them to some extent, but ultimately, they are bound to interfere in some form or another.

Mobile applications, however, are completely secure portals that take extra measures to protect your privacy and conduct money transfers smoothly. This alone makes mobile games a better option compared to the desktop as online privacy is an important issue that should not be ignored.


If you are familiar with the game of Rummy, you’d know that practice is the key to winning. And a desktop can get in the way of your practice sessions. How long can you sit in front of your desktop to practice a game? 

Mobile gaming gives the players the freedom to play the game on the move and build your skill in a much more organic way. You don’t have to be afraid of a game getting too long as you can literally take it with you wherever you are going. It should be noted that players have the option of switching between different modes of their choice on the mobile app – points, pools and deals Rummy. 

There is obviously no denying that Mobile Apps have the edge over Desktop gaming when it comes to a Rummy card game. But our advice to budding players is to switch it up. Start with a desktop and ease your way into mobile gaming. Learn the tricks of the trade on the bigger, more accessible screen and then play the real deal on your safe and secure mobile. That way, you get the best of both worlds.