Private Solutions to the Online Poker Choices

Loose players generally open too much and also call a raise too often. In poker everyone has their own playing style. Most of the ceme online hands that loose players play with are fair to the slightly more weak hands. They play with weaker hands because they simply don’t have the patience to wait for a better hand. This is a bad and loss making strategy. You will find many loose players at poker rooms, Unibet and Bwin.

How to play against a loose player

Playing against a loose player in cash games is not difficult. It is the case that these types of players are more difficult to put on a hand because they flop with a wider range. However, they miss the flop more often and they often make less strong hands. So you can easily exploit the loose fish by lighter for value. For example, we can go against loose fish 3 streets with, for example, only top pair.

Loose players in tournaments and cash games

Playing in Tournaments and Cash games against Loose player is quite easy. Often you will win big pots from these players if you go wide for value. Also, don’t be afraid of their all-ins these players are willing to go all-in with hands that are way too weak. This is to get a doubled Stack quickly at the start of a tournament. If you just broaden your calling range against an all-in, you are printing bb / 100.

Short Stack poker

Playing with a Short Stack in a poker game is difficult. We don’t want to lose any more chips, so we can only push and fold. And we don’t want to be an open book with our opens. You need to play a strategy that keeps a lot of your range or at least a portion intact pre-flop. Which makes your opens weaker and your pushes have medium strength. Everyone has experienced that they lose a big pot in a tournament and therefore only have a few blinds left. Or that we do not get hands at all so they slowly lose their blinds. That’s how it goes in poker once, but then you need to know how to rebuild your stack. Anyone can play AA, but how do you play the rest.

How to deal with a short stack in tournaments

It is always important to look at the stacks of the whole table if you have 15bb and everyone at the table has a maximum of 7 then you effectively play for 7bb, because you cannot lose anymore. This completely changes your strategy because for 7bb you only play push fold and at 15bb you have an open strategy.

  • Are you a short stack with 13 / 14bb then you wants to open the strongest hands and weakest hands and push the rest.
  • For example, we have a balanced strategy with a capped pushing range, because we do not have AA or KK in our open pushing range, for example.

If you have a Stack with fifteen Big Blinds, you should start playing fewer hands. You can no longer play with Suited Connectors or other such hands that are normally playable. You have reached a point where it is crucial to only play relatively strong hands. You can no longer afford to lose another pot.