Reasons to verify the security of your site

A website security check reduces the risk of your website being hijacked by someone who wants to abuse your website due to malicious intentions, profits or simply for fun.

Hackers who hijack your site for entertainment generally want to brag about replacing your site’s content with yours or redirecting visitors to another site. But those who wish to use your site for illegal or for-profit purposes generally do not want to be disclosed. Therefore, you may not know that your site has been hacked before it is too late and can visit 토토사이트.

Without verifying the 안전놀이터 security of the website for piracy activity, you would not know that your website is reviewed for security vulnerabilities and, worse, if your website is hacked, you may not even know it.

Reasons why you should do a site security check

  • If a hacker installs malware on your site to infect your visitor’s browser when they visit your site, Google will probably detect it before you. Then, they will establish a visible warning next to their search listings that says “This site may damage your computer.” In addition to warning visitors that they are not visiting their web pages, Google can remove the website from its index, and it may take several weeks to restore it, and many weeks to return the search rankings it had previously.
  • If a hacker logs into his email and webmail accounts, he can send thousands of unwanted emails that may blacklist his site and result in the suspension or cancellation of his web hosting account.
  • If a hacker enters the database of your site, you can extract personal data to use them for fraud purposes or sell them for profit. This can seriously affect your reputation and ability to process online payment transactions using any credit card company.
  • If a hacker gets access to critical parts of his website, he can add his own files and scripts to redirect visitors to another website or introduce a Trojan virus. If a hacker establishes redirect links to websites that Google considers “poor neighbors” or is blacklisted, the ranking of your site’s search engines and visitor traffic will decrease.
  • If a hacker steals your site for fun, your content can be replaced by obscene ads, spam or illegal gambling content. This can not only confuse you, but also damage the ranking of your site in search engines. It may also be a violation of the terms and conditions of your website that prohibit the hosting of pornographic sites and gambling sites that could cause your website to close.