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Snooker is a game related to billiards, which is gaining more and more popularity lately. Due to its accessible rules and interesting tactics, it has attracted thousands of professional players around the world, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of amateurs who practice it as a hobby. In the Betting School section, we propose an article about snooker and how you can bet responsibly on this sport.

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The history of snooker in a nutshell

Legend has it that snooker was invented in the late 19th century by British army officers who had colonized India. 

  • Snooker is played with 15 red and six colored balls. The rules of snooker were established by an official regulation in 1919, and the first world championship took place in 1920.
  • Snooker experienced rapid development only after 1970. TV broadcasts of snooker matches in the United Kingdom increased the game’s popularity, and in the 1980s, when the game reached Asia, its spread around the world became a certainty.
  • The game begins with the arrangement on the table of 15 red pyramid-shaped balls and 6 colored balls in pre-determined positions. Using the cue, hit a white ball that is used to insert the colored balls into the pockets.
  • The least valuable are the red balls that are worth only one point each, and the most valuable is the black ball, with seven points.  Learn more information about 토토 사이트
  • The snooker match consists of a certain number of games (frames). 

Depending on the notoriety of the tournament, the winner may be the one who wins the first four games (“best of seven games”), or even the first to reach 18 games won (“best of 35”), in the final of the world championship. In a game, the maximum number of points that can be obtained is 147 and is called the “maximum break”.

Important snooker tournaments

The calendar of points tournaments is constantly expanding lately, in perfect agreement with the growing popularity of snooker.

Thus, in January, the first 16 players in the world ranking play the British Masters. In December, the British Championship takes place, the second most important tournament on the world circuit.

But in May of each year, the most important event of the season takes place – the World Snooker Championship. It lasts 17 days at the famous Crucible Theater in Sheffield, UK. The final takes three days and 35 frames to establish the world champion.

Lately, tournaments outside the UK have gained a huge lead

The Chinese Masters in Shanghai or the China Open in Beijing, are tournaments are tournaments in which many points are awarded in the ranking, but also substantial cash prizes. Three other Masters tournaments take place in Germany, Wales and Australia.