The Best Way to Play Pennsylvania Video Poker at Parx Casino

Video poker is a casino game that all players should consider. With generous payouts and a low house edge, Pennsylvania video poker at Parx Casino is a popular online game. Residents of Pennsylvania can legally play video poker online for real money with a PC, phone, or tablet.

There are strategies that the smart player can use to improve their odds in video poker. Here are a few things you need to know about this slot machine version of the world’s most-played card game.

An Introduction to Pennsylvania video poker at Parx Casino

Parx Casino prides itself on being the number one Pennsylvania online casino when it comes to video poker. The casino has many video poker machines to choose from.

Video poker is a simple game to play. It combines the skill and strategy of draw poker with the excitement of slot machines. Best of all, the payback on most video poker machines can be as high as 98%. This means that you will have a better chance of making a profit.

The History of Video Poker

Video poker might seem like one of the newer games in the casino, but its origins can be traced to 1901. Charles Fey produced the first draw poker machine in that year. It wasn’t until the 1970s, however, when video poker began to appear in Las Vegas.

The game caught on quickly because it was so easy to play. The player puts money in the machine and then spins the video reels. Players can then decide to draw additional cards or stand pat.

Today, video poker machines can even be found in online casinos like Parx. These games receive lots of play and reward players with frequent winnings. Playing video poker online is often more convenient than making a trip to a live casino venue.

The Rules of Video Poker

Everyone can learn to play Pennsylvania video poker at Parx online casino. The rules are very simple. Players are trying to make the best five-card poker hand that they can on each spin.

After the initial bet is made the reels are spun. Five cards will appear. The player then has the option to hold the hand or draw up to five new cards. Once the drawing is complete, the player collects a payout for any winning poker hand they have made.

Payouts go up as the value of hands increase. A pair of jacks or better will generally pay 1:1. A full house can pay 8:1 or more. The object of all players is to hit the elusive royal flush. This hand usually results in a jackpot win.

Mobile Video Poker Games

Parx Casino is one of the select online gaming destinations for Pennsylvania players that offers mobile video poker games. The casino has apps for Android and iOS devices. You can play the same games that you play on your computer when using a phone or tablet.

An advantage of playing mobile Pennsylvania video poker is that the game can be enjoyed anywhere your phone has service. You can play while sipping a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop.

For those who are still more comfortable playing video poker on a PC, Parx Casino makes this very easy. There is no download required to play PC video poker. The games run right from the browser and are designed with the latest graphic advancements.