The craziest bets in casinos

One of the most alluring things about casino gambling is the opportunity that players have to wager some serious amounts of cash, mainly because the outcome to this can be outrageously lucrative if you are lucky enough to actually win. Of course this is the most exciting for the actual gambler placing the bet, but it is also exhilarating for the spectators too, one of the many reasons why casinos welcome high rollers with open arms. 

Unfortunately the law of the game is that there will naturally be a lot more people that end up losing these huge bets, however there have also been a fair few lucky gamblers who have ended up on the positive side of a crazy bet. There are very few things in life that can match the complete and utter joy of being on the receiving end of a huge jackpot win, and the people we are about to talk about have experienced this at least once, and often even more! Check out Easy for mobile slots deposit options!

William Lee Bergstrom 

William Lee Bergstrom was a high roller who was so successful and bet in such huge increments that he earned himself the nicknames: The Suitcase Man and Phantom Gambler. Legend has it that he would regularly enter the casinos of Las Vegas with a suitcase full of cash so that he could make one of his signature huge bets, and his presence would quickly attract a huge amount of clamour. 

He first rose to fame when he placed a $777,000 bet at the Horseshoe Casino, which was the largest ever bet placed at the time, and in today’s money equates to almost 2.5 milion dollars! That would be enough for many people, but several years later he returned to Las Vegas to place a million dollar bet, the only problem here was he unfortunately lost it. This was the start of a downward spiral, and Bergstrom tragically committed suicide not long after. 

Ashley Revell 

You must have heard about the story of Ashley Revell, the British man who sold all of his possessions and upped sticks to Las Vegas, placing every single penny to his name on one singular spin of the roulette wheel. The reason we say you must have heard about this story is that it was actually televised by ITV – Mr. Revell certainly had a lot of confidence to let a TV crew film him in the defining moment of his whole life. 

Amazingly Ashley Revell ended up winning his roulette bet, scooping a life-changing amount of money that will go down as one of the craziest successful bets in the history of casino. In fact, his bet was so crazy that many casinos in Las Vegas actually refused to take it because it was too risky, something that previous figures such as William Lee Bergstrom were probably responsible for. Many people would have been tempted to bet again after their win, but it was more than enough for Ashley Revel, who hasn’t really gambled since.