The Website and Your Choices for Testing


Each small site, provided that they are constantly working on it, is gradually becoming a large-scale portal that is visited daily by tens of thousands of people. A regular virtual server can no longer cope with such a load, and the webmaster has to look for more powerful solutions.

Just for such purposes, Virtual Private Server (VPS) was created, that is – virtual servers. They are modern server technologies that are more powerful,   and differ in a simple intuitive interface. It’s the 먹튀검 that you need here.

Advantages and disadvantages of VPS

Pros of using VPS:

    • Absolute independence from other web projects. You do not have to “share” the power of the server with thousands of other sites
    • a separate IP address that will not allow other sites located on the same IP (as in the case of shared hosting) to harm your project
    • more advanced and powerful parameters of “iron”
    • individual access to all server settings
    • personal operating system with all the necessary installed programs.


  • Cons of VPS:


  • rather high price for renting a server
  • difficulty setting for a beginner.

But, the shortcomings described above are rather conditional, since if your site becomes more popular over time, then you will have more money from it. That is, you will not have any problems paying for a virtual server.

Also, if you switch from a simplified hosting management system to a more advanced and “confused” one, you can either gradually deal with all the intricacies of the settings, or seek help from professionals on the same hosting.

To evaluate VPS, you can use the same tips that have been scheduled for a regular hosting provider. But, when choosing a dedicated server, you need to pay attention to additional nuances, about which further.

Subtleties of using VPS servers

Take the FastVPS provider as an example, and deal with all the details of using virtual server capacities. The rather high cost of its services should not bother you, because you plan to place a visited resource that brings you quite substantial sums of money.

Moreover, paying for the services of a virtual server, you will be extremely calm, because apart from your project, there are no other tasks on the IP address. Also, you will know all the detailed characteristics of the working machine, and you can always configure them as you need, fully controlling the operation of your sites.

At the time of writing, the cost of VPS from FastVPS is:

VPS cost from FastVPS

From the tariff grid it can be seen that the cost of a virtual server depends on its capacity. The more RAM, the higher the processor clocks speed and more cores, the larger the hard drive, and the more expensive it will cost to rent a server.

There are providers who offer flexible tariffs, allowing each user to personally “assemble” their server by selecting a specific configuration. This is very important, because in this way you can get rid of “extra” capacities that simply will not be used.
But, beginners choose precisely fixed tariff plans, and do not think about any calculations there. For example, if you choose the cheapest tariff, then you can always buy something for it, expanding the capabilities of iron (additional disk space or RAM).