poker cheating devices

Ultra Bright Sunglasses

Different people wear sunglasses to play poker for various purposes, some to look cool, some to keep other players from reading the information in their eyes, while others cheat playing cards marked with thumbs up for poker. The glowing ink sunglasses are available at, which can be used to serve all three purposes.

We can process regular sunglasses into IR sunglasses, UV marked poker card sunglasses, and glowing ink glasses for marked cards, each of which only allows users to see through marked cards. It is really good to play with poker cards marked at the poker cheat; it gives you the confidence to play and enjoy your game better. Also, your opponent will be defected easily using these sunglasses.

Our sunglasses come in a variety of colors, including red, blue, brown, etc. You can also send your own sunglasses to us so that we can process them into marked cards sunglasses. They will be worked on, and there won’t be any noticeable changes that can make someone know that it has to cheat devices inside.

Zipper Poker Camera For Poker Analyzer

Zipper poker camera for scanning barcode marked cards is suitable for poker players who play poker games in the poker club or at home.

We put a mini poker card lens in the zipper head that is too hidden to be discovered by other people. You can set the approximate position of the Zipper Poker scanner to scan barcode-marked playing cards. As for the scanning distance, 30 cm-65 cm is suitable.

This type of latest Zipper barcode card scanner can work with various poker hand analyzers that can report the results of Texas Hold’em games or Omaha games. The entire poker analysis system can be directly on our website.